For over two decades, we have been providing electrical engineering design services for new power distribution systems as well as for the modification of existing systems.

Design packages included the following:

  • Power Distribution Networks
  • Unit Substations
  • Distribution Switchgear
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Switchboards and Panelboards
  • Emergency Generators
  • Short-Circuit and Load Flow Analysis

San Diego State University

At San Diego State University, engineering and design services were provided for upgrading the entire electrical infrastructure of the university including; Engineering Analysis and Construction Documents were prepared, and Construction Support Services were provided. The design package included three (3) 12/4.16kV Substations; 12kV and 4.16kV Switchgears an Underground Distribution System for the entire campus for an ultimate 18 MW of demand load and connection to the 3MW cogeneration system. Additionally, a phasing plan was prepared for the campus to minimize the impact of a power outage on campus activities.
A Computerized Short-Circuit and Dynamic Load Flow Analysis was prepared for the campus’ power distribution network.

Renovate/UpgradeCampus Electrical Infrastructure

Emergency Generator

Three (3) Emergency Generator Systems (600kVA, 500kVA and 100kVA) were designed for the campus, and included the following:

  • Identify emergency loads, size and capacity of the Emergency Generators
  • Bid Documents including working drawings and Specifications
  • A detailed Cost Estimate per the Construction Documents
  • Construction Support Services

San Jose State University

Renovate/Upgrade of the Campus Electrical Infrastructure

A design package for the renovation of the Central Plants’ Power Distribution System included; centralized control and protection of the Medium Voltage Power Equipment and Circuits. This project also included the renovation of the Electrical Switchgear at the Central Plant; the electrical systems of two buildings which included Switches, Motor Control Center, Panels and Feeders.

California State University Stanislaus

Electrical Upgrade of theCentral Plant Cooling System

A new, 1500kVA, 12kV-4.16kV Transformer and associated high and low side switches were installed at the Central Plant, and modification of the Motor Control Center for the new chiller was provided; and renovation and upgrade of the 12kV Electrical Distribution of the Campus.

California State University Bakersfield

At CSU Bakersfield, an Electrical Power System was designed for a new Thermal Storage System, which included a new Motor Control Center, Variable Frequency Drives and Power Distribution at 480 volts.

California State University Dominguez Hills

Lighting Retrofit

A Lighting Retrofit was prepared for three (3) buildings on the campus; the lighting system was upgraded utilizing energy saving measures i.e., Efficient Lighting Fixtures, Motor Sensors, Timers and Light Level Sensors.

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