Since the opening of our company in 1986, ORSA has prepared over 300 Civil/Structural Engineering Design Packages for local utility companies. The design packages included; Structural analysis and Design for Transformer Foundations; Electrical Equipment and Dead-End Racks; Transmission Towers and Control buildings.

Design Packages Included:

  • Foundation design with driven piles
  • Civil/Structural Design Drawings
  • Construction Documents
  • Review of Specifications
  • Steel Support Structure Elevations & Details
  • Foundations and Structural Design Calculations
  • Bill of Materials
  • Review of Shop Drawings
  • Foundation Plans and Details
  • SAG Tension Calculations

GIS Substation

The design package included the following:
In the City of San Diego, engineering design services for a major utility was provided for the design of a new 500kV Gas Insulated Substation (GIS). The following was provided for this project:

Design Packages Included:

  • Design of a New 500kV Gas Insulated Substation (GIS)
  • New 500kV Gas Insulated Bus Supports including Foundation
  • Certification of Structural Analysis of the GIS to comply with IEEE 693
  • Certification of Seismic Test Report and Seismic Test Procedure
  • Design of the 500kV Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) including a 5-Ton Overhead Crane

Structural Desgin

California State University Bakersfield

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

At CSU Bakersfield, engineering services were provided for a reinforced concrete, octagonal mat foundation for a Thermal Energy Storage Tank. The tank measured approximately 57-feet high and 54-feet in diameter. Services included Specifications for Soil Compaction; Grouting Process; and Evaluation and Design of the Structural Systems for Supporting Cooling Towers.)

San Diego State University

Substation Building

A concrete block masonry building was designed to house the Transformers and switchgears; the building was supported on a Rigid Mat Foundation to provide uniform distribution of the building leads to the supporting ground. Due to critical soil conditions, a Steel Sheet Piling System was used to retain the soil behind the building.

California State University Fullerton

Titan Substation

Engineering services were provided for Design Drawings and Specifications; Grading Plans and for the site demolition. Structural design of the Substation Building was comprised of 2 levels to house the switchgears which would allow access through the basement.
Design for the Electrical Switchyard Structures was prepared and included, Dead-Ends and Equipment Rack Structural System. Drilled Pier Foundations were implemented for the Dead-End Racks; Transformer Foundation and the perimeter masonry wall.

Edwards Cinema’s Seismic Retrofit in Simi Valley

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